Various Types Of Construction Gloves

Construction is one of the toughest and most dangerous lines of work. People need to stay protected all the time to prevent any accidents. Therefore, hard hats and construction gloves are crucial components for any person working for construction work. Work gloves for construction come in different types. Here in this article, we will talk about a few of these major types of gloves.

Coated fabric gloves:

These are general purpose gloves for construction workers. They provide a better level of puncture and cut resistance, magnified protection from the pH scale of concrete things resembling bricks, and improved chemical resistance compared to a regular material glove.

Although this fashion of construction work glove is broadly used, a few coatings emerge as much less bendy in chillier paintings temperatures. They have much less insulating properties, permitting warmness to break out from the hands.

Synthetic gloves:

These gloves for construction work are broadly utilized in laboratories and healthcare settings. They are commonly form-fitting, which offers extra dexterity to govern small objects and carry out excellent work. This sort of glove, however, will now no longer offer good enough safety towards punctures or sharp and abrasive surfaces.

Aluminized gloves:

These are high-warmth-resistant construction gloves, appropriate for welding operations and extensively utilized in furnace and foundry paintings or laboratories with high-warmth ovens. They are synthetic with insulating and reflective properties, way to which they can offer warmth safety in packages as much as 2,000 ranges Fahrenheit.


Construction work is very dangerous. Therefore, protection is of utmost priority in this line of work. Here in this article, we talked in-depth about the different types of safety gloves for construction. These gloves include – aluminized gloves, synthetic gloves and so on. If you are interested to know more or buy such gloves, then visit

Post time: Oct-18-2021