Top 4 Types of Gloves for Hand Protection

While selecting a glove, the function, fit, and necessary protection level everything must be considered. Even a small injury or cut can mean whether you can work with ten fingers or nine. So, you should go for cut gloves or cut-resistant gloves that can protect the fingers. There can also be other situations when you need gloves, and there are several gloves out there for different purposes. But before buying gloves, determine which type of glove is right for your hand protection.
Types of Gloves For Protecting Hand

1. Fabric Gloves:

Fabric gloves are thin breathable materials between the tools and the worker’s skin. These have the minimum protection against jagged materials, open flames, puncture hazards, or hot surfaces. Some knitting gloves also provide a barrier to prevent abrasions or scrapes. The layer works amazingly in colder climates.

2. Nitrile or Synthetic Gloves:

These gloves are also called non latex gloves or latex-free gloves used in healthcare industries and laboratories. They give protection against oils, bio-hazards, solvents, chemicals, grease. They are form-fitting and provides the user dexterity for manipulating small items and performing fin works. It does not provide sufficient protection against sharp or abrasive surfaces.

3. Coated Fabric Gloves:

These are some general-purpose gloves that offer greater levels of cut and puncture resistance. They also increase protection from alkaline concrete items like bricks and enhance the chemical resistance compared to fabric gloves. With various coatings, there are the PVC glove, latex glove, polyurethane glove, or nitrile glove present these days.


4. Impact-resistant Gloves:

Several people have been affected by the vibrations or impacts occurring on hand. Even there is a hand-arm vibration syndrome that is happening these days. For mitigating the risk, impact-resistant gloves are created. These are protective gloves that reduce the vibrations to the hand while engaging in a task. These have great fabrications work and protect workers in constriction or automotive industries.

The wide range of gloves can be intimidating for you. But with this list, you determine and select which one will be right for you.

Post time: Sep-14-2021