Different Types of Glove Grades

Different Types of Glove Grades

In present times, there are a wide array of glove styles available that can suit anyone’s preference or need. From powdered and powder-free to latex-free and knitted gloves, there are several glove types that can fulfill any task. But there are different glove grades that depend on the various sectors in which it is used. In the following, you will understand about different glove grades.

Important Glove Grades Types
1. Food Grade:

The food service or food-grade gloves are specifically designed to do numerous tasks but are not good for prolonged use. These gloves are approved for food preparation and handling lighter duty or low-risk tasks. The food service gloves are best for cleaning tabletops, food preparation, and other cleaning tasks. If you always have to work with grinders during cooking, then impact gloves can work better for you.

2. Medical or Exam Grade:

These grade gloves are approved for utilization in nursing homes, hospitals, laboratories, and also for non-surgical procedures. They also protect from contaminants and bodily fluids. Here PPE personal protective equipment gloves serve this purpose. Vinyl, nitrile, or latex grades are also used in the medical sector.

3. Industrial Grade:

The industrial gloves stand up to dangerous or harsher chemicals and are quite durable. They are available in latex, vinyl, and nitrile material. Some also use construction glove as they are heavy duty and protect workers in the construction sector.

4. Surgical Grade:

The surgical grade gloves are mostly used in healthcare or medical settings where there is a high risk of contact or exposure to blood-borne pathogens. They have more durable designs and can be used in laboratories.
People often confuse industrial-grade gloves as the strongest ones, but it is not the case. The Industrial grade ones fit for industrial applications, and similarly, the exam grade ones are suitable in the healthcare settings. So, every glove should be used as per its sector.

Post time: Sep-08-2021